New York Fashion Week Product Previews -2017

By:Betty Coker, Editor in Chief  For World Liberty TV

SANY Skin Care Perfection: Sany Skincare is a new line that began in 2013 with an idea by an energetic woman with an entrepreneurial spirit.

She always had a nightly motivating message to family, friends, and social media followers to carve their own path to happiness, and would often include advice on how to keep their skin youthful and beautiful with coconut and olive oil.

facial creams

Sany Dash exhibting a NYFW with her team members

They took her advice and soon persuaded her to start a skincare line. As a result, Sany Skincare Inc. was founded and eponymously named by entrepreneur Sany Dash.

With an enthusiastic interest in a wide range of subjects including business, politics, food, philanthropy and travel, Sany worked at diverse jobs throughout her 20s, the successes and failures of which gave her a wealth of experience in life.

Recognizing the freedom she could achieve by working for herself, and following her mom’s encouragement to pursue her ambitions, Sany started an IT company with just $500. From that point forward she has been able to freely branch out in numerous ventures, and cultivate rich experiences.

Today, she can look back with humor and appreciate all that she has overcome to reach this point. Having had tough times and having seemingly failed occasionally had been a blessing in disguise.

Sany’s philosophy is that everyone should be confident in their own skin: “Though we all share the same elements that make up our DNA, one thing is glaringly clear: there is not another individual that is you. You alone are the indispensable panoply of you. That is why we have made ‘Feel Beautiful Every Day’ our treasured anthem, an invaluable daily reminder for people to make every effort to embrace and love themselves. If you can accomplish this, then your road to happiness just got a little easier” says Sany.

She is passionate about supporting other talented, hardworking women who come from humble beginnings, yet persevere and make it to the top!

Beauty Creams

Dr.Abbey with Sany Dash CBO Sany Dash Inc

Her business model is built on an elite team of femmes with various talents who can be trusted to support the brand. “When we rise, we take our talent with us”.

Her team is diverse and able to relate to women around the world.

With this in mind, Sany has decided to promote her vision to the world, and provide clients with a product designed with them in mind.

I used the following Products, I started using  Buffing Exfoliating Cleanser ($29.99), Youthful Eye Contour Crème ($59.99), Silky Contour Serum ($89.99), Youthful Face Contour Crème ($99.00), and the Natural Versatile Deodorant ($12.99), after using these products I am seeing face and skin much cleaner, and the wrinkles around the eyes are a little less, thus far I am very satisfied and the prices are so reasonable versus the competitors and believe me when I tell you this, I have reviewed some of the largest companies in the world.

SANY Skincare Products

The best part of the company is that they give back, to the community, by hiring people from diverse backgrounds and also donating a percentage of their profits, to Texas Hurricane Irma Disaster.

I would highly recommend this company, give their products a try and I believe you will not be disappointed.

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Maria Elena Couture Bags: showed  her latest luxury handbag designs during the upcoming 26th season of Couture Fashion Week New York. Marking the prestigious label’s debut at the event, the fashion show .

In her distinctive handbag creations, Maria Elena Couture strives to blend unique contemporary design with a touch and flavor of the Cuban culture that defines her. Thinking of the woman on the go who wants to be defined by an exclusive fashion aura while she goes through her day, Maria Elena’s fabric handbags focus on versatile and lightweight travel characteristics with panache. Her leather collection is sure to turn heads with its captivating colors and unique styles. Maria Elena’s leather and fabric handbags are the perfect addition to every woman’s upscale accessory collection.

Cuban style Bags

Maria-Elena-Couture Bags

Maria Elena, founder and designer of Maria Elena Couture, Inc., defines her brand as… “a climactic glimpse into the vibrant cultural prism that is my native melodious Cuba and dynamic American culture which echo through my designs.”

couture fashion week 2017

Dr Abbey Interviewing Mrs Elena During NYFW 2017

Maria Elena’s  “Motto”  “Don’t carry a label, carry a unique style with cachet.”

I have used 2 of Maria Elena’s bags during NYFW 2017, they are very easy and simple to carry, and was asked by few of my friends where I got the bags from and I directed them to her website, the prices for the bags are very good, and you can easily buy two or 3 bags at a time. I highly recommend these bags, as I carry them to many of the events I attend in New York City.

Cuban Bag Designer

Maria Elena with Models and Family Members

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