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US Toy Industry Association (TIA) @ its 114th North American Int’l Toy Fair-NYC 2017

Founded in 1916, the Toy Industry Association™, Inc. (TIA) is the not-for-profit trade association representing all businesses involved in creating and delivering toys and youth entertainment products for kids of all ages. Over the past 100 years, TIA has led the health and growth of the toy industry, and today its 950+ members account for an estimated 90% of the annual $25 billion U.S. domestic toy market.

The Association serves as the industry’s voice on the cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and creative benefits of play, and proactively promotes play’s positive impact on childhood development to consumers and media. TIA has a long history of leadership in toy safety, having helped develop the first comprehensive toy safety standard more than 40 years ago, and remains committed to working with medical experts, government officials, consumer groups, and industry leaders on ongoing programs to ensure safe and fun play.

World Liberty TV, Games and Toy Review team was in attendance for the 10th Year ,and had the pleasure of meeting the movers and shakers of this business, see exclusive interviews  with  Vendors and exhibitors showcasing new Toys that have never been seen before, be first to see it right here in our World Liberty TV, Games and Toy Channel and Blogs by clicking here.

New York Fashion Week Shows and Events Feb -2017

See some of the leading fashion designers and models  from all over the world, alongside world renowned entertainers ,entertaining the New York Fashion Week 2017, audiences.

Couture Fashion Shows at  NYFW Feb -2017:  Couture Fashion Week, founded in 2005 by Andres Aquino, presents a series of couture and luxury fashion shows in New York City, Cannes and other selected cities. Featuring: Fine designers from around the world presenting exquisite garments and accessories ,World class entertainment ,Exhibits of art and luxury products and services and Parties and receptions. See more of Couture fashion Shows by clicking here.

Albania Rosario’s Uptown Fashion Week  Designer Shows -2017: Uptown Fashion Week, New York — What has become the signature multicultural fashion event of New York City, Uptown Fashion Week founded it’s development on providing exposure for established, emerging and upcoming clothing designers from around the world in an effort to extend meaningful fashion trade. Accomplishing this has been an undertaking in nurturing opportunities for the publicity of international talents whose creative abilities are overflowing but financial resources are not. Uptown Fashion Week prides itself on continuing its work throughout the year to build bridges engaging community inclusion by leading events, social activities and diversity initiatives. See more about Uptown Fashion Week by Clicking here.

Jurvis Jarvis Designs -2017: Men and Women’s wear designer Jurvis Jarvis , The line between conservative and daring was blended, making this presentation a promising one for the up and coming Jurjis Jarvis. See more designers in our World Liberty TV Fashion Channel by clicking here.

New York Fashion Week 2017 Entertainers : From all over the World doing a live performance on the Runway, very musing and entertaining . See more entertainers like these in our World Liberty TV, Celebrity and   Entertainment Channel by clicking here.

New York Fashion Week Shows -2017

See some of the Fashion Designers and models from all over the world by the following fashion producers:

AMCONYC is the company brands turn to when they want to propel their business to the next level. From curating fashion week productions, on-site activations and interactive influencer events to securing top-tier press coverage, AMCONYC prides itself on being unstoppable when it comes to developing your brand and attracting your target consumers. As if that wasn’t enough, we provide social media management, public relations and educational support for growing companies and public figures.

AMCONYC has established a reputation as the ideal launch pad for today’s hottest designers and brands that want to increase industry awareness launch their line or stimulate brand promotion by creating professionally executed fashion shows, pop-up retail stores and experiential activation’s. See More By Clicking here.

Fashion Gallery NYFW Shows 2017; Following Designers Showcased  Kepaza designs playful, creative and colorful woman’s wear  From Norway. Pret a Porter  Showcase with the following designers, Chapman and MCintyre and Antinoo Menswear from Colombia.., See more of Emerging Designers by Clicking here.

ASC Productions  Fashion Designers  -2017: After several years of industry experience and a successful international fashion career—ASM Fashion Week International, International Designers Expo, South Asian Fashion Week and Fashion Designers world (reality TV show)—Amit Singh Chauhan and kiran khan is now presenting one of the best fashion productions during NY Fashion Week. ASC Fashion Week will showcase the many talented international designers by offering them a platform to participate in one of the most important events on the international fashion calendar. See more of Fashion by Clicking here.

Plitz’s Fashion Showcase -2017: PLITZS Fashion Marketing founded the “PLITZS New York City Fashion Week” in 2004. Working with international and domestic emerging fashion designers – we provide showcasing opportunities, brand exposure, networking and only charges “approved emerging fashion designers. See more of Plitz’s by clicking here.

Small Boutique Fashion Show -2017 : Small Boutique Fashion Week is a show and market is the premiere Fashion Week event for small-scale buyers, boutique owners, celebrity and network stylists, and members of the fashion media. Our goal is to provide designers with the most upscale and business oriented environment open to the public during New York Fashion Week. See More Videos like these in our World Liberty TV Fashion Review Channels by Clicking here.

Caravan Stylist Studio : We saw over a hundred fashion bloggers, fashion writers, and influencer’s come through the doors.

Over the course of the afternoon, those bloggers attending the Bloglovin’ awards were treated to getting beautified for the event with hair by Arrojo and Babyliss Pro, make-up by Ulta Beauty and DDF Skincare, and custom Nails by NAIL ROCK. See more Gifting Suites like this in our World Liberty TV ,Fashion Review Channels by Clicking here.

Society Fashion Week NYFW 2017 Debut in NYC-2017

The Society Fashion Week made its debut at New York Fashion Week ,Feb 2017.Its mission is to We bring together the leading Fashion Designers, Models, and Industry Executive under one roof for one amazing experience.

We were invited by Society Fashion Week  NYFW 2017, and had the pleasure of covering the following Designers and entertainers : Jackie Tejada Children’s fashion Designer, Krissy King Designs, KK Swimwear Designer, Sabrina Marie’s Winter Doll Line, D’Lora Moda, and Talisha White. The other designers and entertainers who participated in the Society Fashion Week  NYFW 2017, were: Little Royals by MLong, TWT Design Wear, Elizabeth Cordelia, The Porcelain Teacup,  Janay Deann Designs, Jacquie Barbavian, Mara Skye, Belle Threads, Pink Lemonade, Angora Boutique, Young Socialites, Alora Safari, Lil Jewels Boutique and Janelle Funari.

Entertainment was by  Pop Star Zach Clayton, Zach Clayton, is a 16 year old live stream entertainment broadcaster on YouNow, and YouTube video creator. He loves posting weekly videos on his main channel, and Vlogs on his second channel. He also loves to post content on Musical.ly, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter – Because he loves interacting with you guys!

Currently living in Austin, TX, Zach’s daily goal is to always make as many people laugh and smile as he can, with video innovation and creation always being his motivation. Zach’s a very passionate musical artist, with 3 singles already hitting the iTunes top charts! He loves traveling, and working hard – and he’s always willing to take on business opportunities!

See more  New York Fashion Week  Feb 2017, Videos like these in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channel by Clicking here.

CHI ZHANG 2017 runway show at the Intrepid museum -2017

Born in Beijing, Chi Zhang went to the UK to study at the young age of 16, pursuing a fashion master’s degree in Milan, Italy, at Istituto Marangoni. Chi Zhang works have been published in magazines such as Vogue China, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, L’Officiel Hommes, Esquire China ,Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Maire Claire, FEMINA, Figaro, Men’s Uno, Timeout, Vision, I Look.

Collection Inspiration: Inspired by the intersection of past and future, the starting point of the FW17 collection is the instinctive imagination of human beings. Like a child’s imagination is filled with endless possibilities of pretend, the concept and accomplishments of space travel can be as mythical, imaginative and infinite. Past and future eventually intersect in the spiral of Time and Chi hopes to inspire self-confidence, respect and love.

The Chinese designer created a swagger-infused men’s and women’s streetwear collection with a bondage influence — straps were a main accessory as they were wrapped around arms and torsos, often extending past the overly-long sleeves.

The party-like atmosphere showed the clothes in action, saturating them with the energy and life of the performance. Many of the looks were fit for downtown and to get down, consisting of leather, fur and PVC.

Strong graphics were also a main force in the collection, as many of the sweatshirts had Zhang’s  “King’s Back” slogan or an image of a gas masked face on them. The gas mask is a recurring symbol for Zhang, as at least one model has worn one in his past two collections and several wore them in this collection.

The colors were mostly primary — red, yellow and blue, plus black and white. One look combined a tan furry sweatshirt-like top with a gas masked face on the front and red patent straps with solid red leggings and thigh-high clear PVC boots. The model wore a coordinating red baseball cap to finish the excessive yet cohesive look.

World Liberty TV, Fashion Channel team was on hand for CHI ZHANG 2017 runway  show  at the  Intrepid  museum  -2017, and the following notables were also in attendance : Fabolous, Miss J Alexander, Bianca Espada (Rich Kids of Beverly Hills), Carl Radke (Summer House), Ian Mellencamp (Model/Muscian), Danielle Savre (Actress), Rosa Crespo, Andrew Rosen (Co-Founder & CEO of Theory), Manuela Bordasch, Joey Zauzig.

See more Designs like this right here in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channel by clicking here.

Fashion Designer Travis Hamilton’s Negris Lebrum NYFW Show -2017

Negris LeBrum was inspired from a love story that began during 1940’s, between a young beautiful French Creole woman and a handsome man. Although their love was forbidden by societal difficulties, These individuals were brought together by a force that was bigger than the both of them and through fashion their love story is being told to the world. Negris is “aime par beaucoup, admiree par tous, elegance percu”.

World liberty TV, Team was on hand to cover the Negris LeBrum 2017 line as well has Bag and Shoe accessories, See new never seen Designs by Fashion Designer Travis Hamilton’s Negris Lebrum line right here in our World Liberty TV Fashion Channel.

Andre Galliano Haute Couture Designs fashion Show at NYFW -2017

The Andre Galliano Haute Couture line was established

in the year 2015, after being A model for many years I was trying to find

A way To do something I really wanted to be good at I had already been a model a fashion booker for modeling agencies a record producer back stage manager

A stylist for designers back stage I still wasn’t fulfilled my first attempt at being A

designer was making T shirts and sweat pants I still wasn’t happy

so I awoke one day and was praying for god to  show me what Is my purpose for being on this earth what I should I be doing finally the next day I started having some

dreams About fabrics and patterns  and seeing my self-cut and drape fabric

so I went out and brought A mannequin and started pinning clothes on it

draping I said to myself I can do this I watched all the designers I worked with do it why Can’t I, I said to myself so I made my first piece for A collection it was A pair of underwear’s,

it was very hard to do as I was not really good at sewing so I befriended A few seamstresses that would teach me how to sew and cut and pin and drape from that day on I put lots of hours in learning how to cut and pin and drape and sew its now the thing that mostly grounds me in my life I put all my feelings and emotions into my clothing

its as if I have a bond and the fabrics speak to me when I go to A fabric store

its sure all I can’t believe how I am able to just go to A fabric store and walk to A roll of fabric and it speaks to me honestly I love what I do I am inspired by peace nature

the goodness of mankind everything  that has to do with the elements we draw inspiration from lakes streams trees we all should be one with mother nature

its my biggest inspiration that I draw all my energy from and thats how I make my clothes and themes I draw the inspirations from different time period eras and the elements Thank You World Liberty Tv team always for your support I am always honored to work with you, I cherish our working relationship and I look forward to continue working with and supporting World Liberty TV, Dr Abbey and the world Liberty TV Team Andre Galliano. For more information  about  Andre Galliano  click here.

11th Annual Kosher Food & Wine Experience NYC -2017

BY: Atul Kapoor Staff Writer For World Liberty TV

The event welcomed more than 2,400 guests during the course of the day and evening events including industry professionals and consumers at Chelsea Piers in NYC.   Throughout the day over 400 varieties of top wines and spirits were shown –over 2,000 bottles were poured and upwards of 35,000 plates of mouthwatering bites from top kosher eateries were served. Kosher Food & Wine Experience is produced each year by Royal Wine, the leading producer, importer and distributor of kosher wines and spirits in the world.

According to Jay Buchsbaum, VP Marketing & Director of Wine Education at Royal Wine Corp.,

“Kosher wine is growing double the pace of general market wine consumption with an average price per bottle of $20+ due to growing consumer demand & industry accolades.

In particular, Israeli wines are very much in demand. Israel is the region with the strongest growth in the kosher wine world, hands down.  And critics are taking note too– this past October the Wine Spectator featured a cover story on Israeli wines along with an impressive list of over 20 90+ rated wines.”

With Passover just around the corner (April 10-18, 2017), seasonal demand for kosher wines is already ramping up. KFWE has fulfilled its growing role as a key influencer in determining which wines will grace America’s Seder tables showing wines ranging in price from $6 to $250.”

Kosher Foods & Cuisine at KFWE 2017

The cornucopia of food represented a variety of cuisines including classical French, Japanese, steakhouse favorites, traditional Jewish cooking, nouveau American, charcuterie, fusion, Caribbean, authentic barbecue, and Mexican, as well as a variety of decadent desserts and specialty coffees. Guests enjoyed some unexpected dishes such as herb crusted rib-eye, Thai chicken and rice, beef and beet dumplings, Hamachi with yuzu, chicken comfit with mashed cauliflower, tuna poke, lamb bacon brittle, and truffle gribenes.

“The Kosher Food and Wine Experience is a chance for restaurateurs, caterers, vintners, and spirit distillers to showcase the very latest in the expanding world of kosher food & beverage.  It is a chance to set trends and raise the bar,” said David Levy, VP of Marketing and Special Events for Royal Wine Corp who’s already planning next year’s shows.

World Liberty TV, Food and Wine Channel team was on hand and had a great time tasting the food and enjoying the festivities of the night, see more about Kosher food in our World Liberty TV, Food and Wine Channel by Clicking here.


Canjam NYC Show Headphone and Audio reviews -2017

Can Jam Global is the premier headphone and personal audio expo and is produced by Head-Fi.org, the world’s largest community for headphone and personal audio enthusiasts. Since 2006, CanJam events have been a community showcase for Head-Fi.org, as well as the best opportunity for exhibitors to share new products and have meaningful interactions with the enthusiast community and audio industry press.

CanJam Global show attendees have the unique opportunity to experience the very latest in headphone and personal audio technology all under one roof. Attendees are always encouraged to bring their own music in order to get the best possible experience. And with products at all price ranges, educational seminars, and prize giveaways, there is something for everyone at Can Jam Global.

See the following reviews in our World Liberty TV, Technology Review Channel ; The Nomad Titanium Earphones from Echobox, Audeze SINE 2.0 Planar Magnetic in Ear headphones, 1 More Quad Driver in-Ear Headphones, Hifiman  HE400S Over ear headphones, Sony MDR-1000X Wireless Noise Cancelling Stereo headset , and Audio Technica headphones. See more Canjam headphone   reviews in our World Liberty TV  Technology Review Blogs by Clicking here.

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